From the inside out,
leadership at its best.

Successful leaders combine good business sense with inspiration, guidance and unwavering authority. Our leadership quest is to have a highly interactive and authentic team of experts, continually seeking to improve our company processes and adhering to a set of company standards, ensuring consistency and accuracy for our employees while demonstrating their capabilities. This unique approach allows Sentari to maximize the talents of each member of our team, connecting their decisions with their actions, for all the right reasons to better serve our internal and external customers.

Sentari utilizes the services of its strategic business partners to provide expertise within the core areas of the Executive Leadership Team, positioning them for continued growth by attracting top talent, build trusting relationships and promoting a culture of hard work, fun and superior service.

Our commitment to excellence
starts with our leaders.

Mary Necessary proudly serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Sentari Technologies, Inc. (STI). At the time of incorporation (1995), STI was predominately known and recognized as an Information Engineering Methodology (IEM) CASE tool service provider. In 2000, the company evolved and diversified its professional recruiting services to include various technologies and tools that are commonly used by corporations in support of their IT mission-critical applications.

Mrs. Necessary’s IT service industry career began at a permanent placement agency in 1986 which subsequently led her into the IT consulting and contract staff augmentation service industry in 1987. Her background as a technical recruiter, sales executive, sales manager, regional director and now business owner has given her a solid foundation on which to operate a successful and viable business entity.

She holds a Mean Green Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of North Texas and has devoted many years of her career to the National TechServe Alliance Association (TSA) as a member and local board representative.

TSA is a collaboration of IT service firms, clients, consultants and suppliers dedicated to advancing excellence and ethics within the IT service industry. It is the only national association exclusively devoted to representing and developing relationships between companies that specialize in providing highly skilled computer professionals to clients in need of technical support and/or IT services or solutions. Mrs. Necessary has also been a member of VISTAGE since 2003 which is an international CEO group with a mission dedicated to making better leaders who make better decisions and achieve better results.

What’s in a name?

During the early years of Sentari, our technical audience (whom we fondly referred to as our Technical Consultants, our Employees and our Clients) pointed out that our true origin must be from the brightest star in the southern constellation of Centarus…the Alpha Centauri. AND that our true mission was to recruit for the Star League; to recruit the best and the brightest to join the alliance; to hire specialists who are light years ahead of the competition. They quickly figured out that the name Sentari actually refers to one of the leading characters, a recruiter, in the movie The Last Starfighter!

Well, that was awesome and I wish I could take credit for that creativity….but what really transpired in 1995 was that I needed a "unique" corporate identity and fast! So I took two successful and famous icons and blended them together. One icon that represented speed and endurance (i.e., horsepower) with intelligence (i.e., mankind) together with another one that resonated with our technically "advanced and unique" audience (Atari Games)…and there you have it. The Centaur was blended with Atari and I changed the C to an S. May the force be with you…oops, different movie!