Q: Who is Sentari?

A: We are a national provider of Information Technology professionals, with a seasoned team dedicated to fulfilling your IT workforce goals in a flexible and highly efficient manner.

Q: Why should I use a technical recruiting firm?

A: Our core business, every day, is recruiting and interviewing IT talent for hire. It is what we do 100% of our time. By utilizing Sentari, you are adding a knowledgeable service provider who can save your team time and money during the pre-selection and qualifying period.

Q: Why do companies contract specialized staff?

A: There are many reasons why Companies will entertain and utilize the "contracting" method to solve workforce needs. Most often it is to solve a temporary skill gap. Another reason might be due to a hiring freeze. For example, what if hiring an FTE conflicts with the company’s current workforce strategy; and, at the same time, implementing the IT project on-time is also a key company initiative. Finding a solution to satisfy both initiatives is one of the primary reasons why the contract staffing concept was created and such a thriving industry today.

Q: What does Sentari do?

A: We work directly with your IT hiring managers and dedicated IT recruiters with the goal of saving them time and manpower during the pre-selection process. We will create the job description that will be utilized to pre-screen IT professionals and conduct the first round of interviews to narrow down your top three candidates to consider. Once the selection is made, Sentari’s team shifts from recruiting talent to on-boarding talent; a full life-cycle process applied to your IT resource needs. A process that is dependable, reliable, and repeatable. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, every time.

Q: What is your fee structure for helping us locate top IT talent?

A: All service fees take into consideration various conditions associated throughout the entire full life-cycle process, starting from the very first day we initiate the recruiting and qualifying process to the very last day our consultant finishes the assignment. Our fee standards must stand the test of time, one that takes into consideration the cost of the hire today and the cost of retaining the hire tomorrow, to ensure a successful project assignment completion.

Q: Do you charge a fee to the candidate?

A: The fees for our services are free of charge to our prospective candidates and future employees.

Q: What if the selected Consultant does not work within my organization?

A: One of the most recognizable benefits of utilizing a temporary workforce solution is that there is a well-defined Service Agreement in place that outlines this very process. If the selected Sentari Consultant is not exceeding your expectations, for whatever reasons, it is Sentari’s obligation and mission to find you a suitable replacement ASAP.

Q: Is Sentari recognized by state agencies as a small women-owned business?

A: Sentari is recognized by several state agencies as a small women-owned business. With this recognition, Sentari has been able to provide many state and local representatives with alternative choices when it comes to hiring qualified IT contractors and employees. We are committed to supporting the staffing requirements of state and local governments. For a description of the services as they pertain to the State of Texas General Services Commission, please access http://www.sentari.com/qisv/. These services are presented in the same manner that Sentari sells to commercial and other government clients.