Sentari Difference

A documented recruiting process
designed for repeatable success.

"Working with Sentari was one of the best experiences I’ve had in a very long time."

At Sentari, we understand that when we come into the interview process, time is of the essence. Delivering the highest caliber of service possible is achieved by recruiting the most qualified candidates that meet and exceed our client requirements, in the most efficient manner possible. Through our repeatable "Quality Standard" process, we save you time. We measure the completeness of the job description; duration required to source and recruit qualified candidates; number of candidates presented to each job request, number of candidates invited to interview and number of candidates selected for hire. One of the most crucial metrics Sentari has in place is our Resume Sendout-to-Hire ratio. When that ratio is small, we know our process is delivering value to those we serve, our clients and our employees.

We can provide you with powerful reports and statistical data to ensure our partnership is efficient and more importantly, producing the expected results!

How do you know that we are providing you the
best IT talent available in the marketplace?

At Sentari, selected candidates are screened and evaluated by using some of the industry’s most advanced skill assessment tools on the market. To ensure a Sentari consultant is up to the task, we measure their capabilities, comparing them to the best in their field, as professionals and as people. Once the consultant’s skills and job history are validated, we then move them along through a series of interview questions conducted by our internal recruiting executives.

Knowing what motivates our IT professionals makes the difference.

Just having the technical ability isn’t enough at Sentari. To ensure a culture fit, every candidate receives a personal interview. We ask about their career aspirations and experiences, past assignments, why they’re considering new opportunities, salary expectations, availability, and much more. Before they start a new assignment with Sentari, we validate their past work by checking project references. Background checks and drug screening services are also conducted at the offer stage and can be designed and customized accordingly. The bottom line is simple: when you work with Sentari you’re getting an extraordinary IT professional and services.